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Welcome to Lucid Dreaming!

Here I will write a blog on how I'm doing with lucid dreaming, techniques, and stuff I do in lucid dreaming!

I am obviously not the most reliable source for techniques but I will let you know which work for me and which don't!



SOMETHING CRAZY HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!! (Also sorry for no blog posts, there was no progress:( )

So, I went to sleep at like around 0:15 (maybe bit later when i actually was sleeping) and set a countdown timer for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

I was in a dream (idk when this dream happened cause you know, we dream a bunch of times per night.) and I felt like I was in a dream.

So I decided to do some reality checks, first I tested the finger going through my palm but it didn't go through, then I tried blocking my nose and breathing and I actually could breathe through but it was like my nose was like kind of stuffy, but for some reason I forgot that this means that I was dreaming so then I was like "Oh that's normal too" even though it wasn't!!

Then I tried counting my fingers and looking at them but my vision kept changing (like you know how your eyes move when you look at something up close and something far away? It was like that.) and I could barely make out strange deformations on my hand, like having fingers come out from fingers like branches on a tree!

So then I was like, "Oh sick I'm dreaming Then since I was at my old apartment with my parents I went to get my phone and ask this Discord server, Weirdcord, (its for weirdcore!) what I should do in my lucid dream! (Looking back, it's strange I had my phone cause I never dream about my phone or computer etc. so maybe I really was lucid and in control!)

Then when I tried to send a message it said that there was a connection error and that's all I can remember.

I didn't even do any techniques or any mantras before bed!! I don't know why I had this sudden lucidity in my dream but it was so cool!

Well that's all I have to say, this experience made me super motivated to try to lucid dream again!! See ya guys!


Nothing interesting happened today really..

There were no dream signs in my dreams tonight /:

I tried doing MILD but I think I fell asleep halfway through-

And I didn't wake up for WBTB :(

I'm still trying to stay positive! So, I hope that tonight will be different and that maybe I'll wake up for WBTB again!

That's all I have to say really. So, wish me luck for tonight!


Soo something happened...

The other day I realised that I was in a dream but I didn't have much control over the dream.

I was only able to like walk around and be aware but when I tried to spawn something it didn't work.

And then I lost lucidity/woke up...

I guess it was my first lucid dream buuut it didn't really feel that cool cause I couldn't do anything cool ):

The strange thing is, all I did that night was WBTB at 2:00 AM and I went to sleep at around 11:00 PM so I woke up like 3 hours later.

I didn't do any reality checks or techniques except for WBTB which is weird.

Then today, I had a layered dream/an inception dream?

Like I was in a dream, and then I had a lucid dream in that dream.

Unfortunately it isn't a lucid dream because I didn't become lucid since I didn't realise that the "main" dream was a dream.

The interesting thing is that in that "sub-dream" I was able to perform a reality check and I noticed that my fingers weren't matching up with the reflection in the mirror.

I tried to spawn stuff but it didn't work, and then there was this fight I was trying to escape from and I was able to swim in the air as a way of flying but so were the other people I was running from.

What's weird is that it felt like I did have a lucid dream but I didn't, I never became lucid.

Anyways it seems like I'm making good progress!

I'm going to try do more reality checks and I'll be using MILD instead of WBTB!

This is already long enough so, good night and wish me luck!




Although I still slept past my WBTB alarm ):

I wish that someday I will wake up for WBTB...

For some reason I kind of dream often about the backrooms... I don't know if I should be worried lol.

That's all I have to say, see ya tomorrow!


So I've been gone for a while...

I was busy with exams and I had a lot of studying to do so I didn't have much time for writing log entries.

I have no more exams soo I can lucid dream and write log entries again!

I tried doing WILD last night but uhh... I kind of fell asleep immediately...

I'm going to try WILD again tonight, and I'll try not to fall asleep immediately.

See ya tomorrow!


Being back at school is starting to get annoying...

I don't have time when I wake up to write down my dreams! And by the time I find time to, I already forgot everything!

So that means I forgot my dreams today >:(

I keep falling asleep on WILD, I don't know what I did the first time differently that I had some success!

I also keep sleeping past my WBTB, I might try learning how to set intentions tomorrow to help me.

That's all I have to say. Last night was not good and hopefully things will be different tonight.


I am back from my break! I'm hoping that this break will improve my lucid dreaming for the future.

Anyways back to the usual stuff.

I tried doing WILD but I ended up staying awake without any effects happening so I decided to go to sleep normally.

WBTB still didn't work, and I put the alarm right next to me! Some people recommended that I should try focus on waking up for WBTB before sleep, like setting an intention.

I think I remembered two dreams but I didn't get to write them this morning (due to school) so I can only remember one dream right now.

I'm happy to be back to trying to lucid dream as I really want to learn this skill as it sounds so cool!

That's all I have to say, wish me luck for tonight (:


A follower recommended that I take a small rest from lucid dreaming, so I decided to take a small break of today until the end of the week.

Hopefully this ends up improving something!

Anyways back to the usual schedule, how did I do last night?

WILD didn't really work, although I felt a small tingling feeling

I still didn't wake up for WBTB ):

I didn't remember any dreams tonight, which was frustrating.

That's all I have to say, see ya next Monday!


I think I got better because I felt less sick which helped with falling asleep.

WILD didn't have any effect at all.

I found out that my dad actually hears the alarm! So I decided to hide the alarm under a blanket next to me while I sleep, hopefully this makes the alarm quieter but loud enough for me to maybe wake up.

I didn't wake up for WBTB /:

I think I remembered three dreams but I'm not sure since they felt disconnected but also connected at the same time.

By the way, I think it has been already a week of attempting to lucid dream. Unfortunately there wasn't much progress in the week ):

That's all, see ya!


So everything went out of plan tonight since I was sick.

I tried my best with WILD but eventually my nose and cough started annoying me to the point that it was hard to focus on WILD.

So I decided to just fall asleep normally since it was no use trying to do WILD.

I then woke up during the night for a while but I had my nose and cough annoying me also /:

Although I did have quite wacky dreams! Which was an interesting experience.

I don't think I'll have any progress until I get better if the same thing happens tonight.

I'll try doing WILD again tonight. That's all I have to say so, see ya.


WILD didn't have any effect today.

I keep sleeping past my WBTB alarm and I don't know how to stop this! If anyone knows how then please contact me on Spacehey!

I remembered three dreams today which is really good!!

That's all I have to say, wish me luck for WBTB!


I think I'm gonna stop doing the relaxation technique since it just takes time and it dosen't do anything at all.

WILD didn't have an effect.

I missed out on WBTB again ):

My dad hasn't whined about the alarm yet and I made it louder sooo, I think I'm in the clear for now...

I remembered two dreams but they could've been connected. Although I doubt that they were connected.

I'm gonna try see how I can stop sleeping past my WBTB. Other than that, see ya!


So I didn't do the relaxation technique and I still fell asleep super fast. So I think it's just me being very tired.

WILD didn't work, as per usual.

I slept past my WBTB alarm, AGAIN.

My dad didn't whine about the alarm sound today so I guess that's good?

I only remembered one dream today /:

Wish me luck that I actually wake up for WBTB this time!


I genuinely think that this relaxation technique is working too good, I think I'll stop using it since it keeps messing up my WILD.

So as you probably already guessed, I messed up WILD again.

This time I set the alarm sound to something a bit louder and I woke up in the middle of the night! But then I feel asleep two secounds later.

Also my dad is starting to hear the alarm which is SUPER annoying because he's then going to be saying "Oh you shouldn't wake up so early." like I'm only waking up for a bit and going to sleep |:

Anyways, today I might've remembered three dreams but as usual, I don't know if one of them was a connected dream.

That's all I have to say, so wish me luck for tonight!


I fell asleep straight away last night during WILD and I don't know if it is me being tired or if this relaxation technique is working too good!!

But WILD did work better than the other day! Although there were no feelings or visuals ):

I think my alarm clock is broken or something because I slept past my WBTB alarm again!!

Tonight I remembered one full dream and a small fraction of another dream.

I don't have anything else to say so wish me luck that my alarm will ACTUALLY ring this night.


Soooo I messed up WILD because I fell asleep unconsciously. I also fell asleep past my WBTB alarm too so I missed out on both WILDs ):[

Although some good news is that I might've remembered three dreams tonight!! Or it could've been 1 continuous dream and another dream. But I didn't feel like all 3 dreams were connected so I honestly don't know.

I don't know if the relaxation method worked because I was so tired yesterday that I might've fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Well that's all I have to say for today, I don't think the same thing will happen today because I don't feel as tired today.

Well then, wish me luck for tonight!


So I tried WILD last night and it kind of worked, I felt like my body weight was light and I saw like white lights and then a while later I saw something like a clear blue sky.

Unfortunately the relaxation method didn't work first try (obviously). So I didn't fall asleep quick.

I woke up during the night but then fell asleep immediately and forgot to do WILD lol.

I can't tell if I had one continous dream or if I had two seperate dreams because they don't feel connected but I couldn't remember my dream when I woke up in the middle of my sleep.

By the way I'm going to use a clock as my mnemonic device!

That's all I have to say, so wish me luck for tonight!


I'm planning to try lucid dreaming again tonight! I haven't tried it in over a year I think!

I'm gonna be using Wake Back to Bed combined with WILD (I don't know what WILD stands for).

Also I have to figure out a way to fall asleep quickly, I'm going to be trying this method where you relax your body by creating tension and then relaxing your muscles, and then repeat this all the way from your eyebrows to your legs. After doing so, clear your mind by imagining a relaxing scene. If this dosen't calm your mind then you could try saying "Don't think." over and over again. Then you should fall asleep quickly with enough practice!

Tomorrow I'm going to try find a Mnemonic Device, it's basically like "If I see a computer, I will do a reality check". I will probably use the method of pushing your finger into your palm as a reality check as it is the most discrete method.

Well that's all I have to say for tonight, wish me luck!