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*Big sigh* I didn't feel like writing a diary entry for a few days, so I guess I have to write a huge one once again.

So on Halloween morning I made a creepy house in Happy Home Paradise. The villager wanted a "not-so-serious secret base" so I put an illegal prison/kidnapping operation in his attic (:

Don't worry it's not as scary as you may think! There aren't actually villagers up there, it's just clothing manequins!!

I think that you should visit the vacation home if you have HHP! I spent some time on it (:

Then later in the afternoon I worked a bit on the homepage of the web portal.

In the evening I went to this parade with my parents! I wasn't in the parade but I dressed up as the plague doctor and my mom decided to dress up as a plague victim.

The parade was honestly not very good, I remember that pre-covid the parades were huge and there were lots of cool stuff built for it! But this year it was quite short and there wasn't too many cool stuff built.

Then I went with my parents to a place to get something to drink.

When we came home we watched Beetlejuice (1988) and ate snacks.

I didn't make a vacation home in Happy Home Paradise yesterday.

In the afternoon I went to the city with my parents, I got a steam gift card and found out that a store was selling a 3ds!

I also got bubble tea! I got thai milk served warm with black pearls. It was REALLY good...

Then we went to this Brazilian snack food shop?

We got Coxinhas, they were really good.

Then for some reason the people working there offered us churros for free! They had this caramel filling inside, they were also really good.

We then came home and I worked on the homepage once again for a bit.

After that I played Garry's Mod with an online friend. We were playing in this cursed map, and when I mean cursed I really mean it.

Firstly there was this shadow entity that would randomly appear next to us, like it was stalking us.

Then there were these entitites that would appear randomly, they would fly around and hurt us if we got close. Some of them were able to communicate and they were saying stuff like "hi" and "you real?". It was so weird.

I then found this room that if you went in it would set you on fire. My friend then disconnected so I went out to look for him but then the room was completely gone. It wasn't even there if I noclipped! That also weirded me out.

I then had to go to sleep since it was almost midnight.

This morning I made a vacation home in Happy Home Paradise!

This the time the villager wanted a home based off "street noises" so I tried to make a mini city around their house, I think it came out very well!

Then I went to the city again with my dad to get the 3ds we found and I bought 2 games for it, Tomodachi Life and Super Mario 3D Land. One problem is that it didn't come with a charger but my mom is ordering one from Amazon, the thing is that it will be here on Friday ):

I came home and immediately turned it on, I went through the system setup and I created a Mii (:

Then I tried out the camera, face raiders, and a bit of Tomodachi Life until the system started blinking and flashing that it was on low power.

One funny thing about the Tomodachi Life cartridge is that I had someone else's old save! I looked through some of the Miis and they were well, quite disfigured to spare you the details.

Then I worked on the homepage of the web portal, I think it's almost finished which is quite exciting for me!

I think I'll go play Garry's Mod if my online friend is on, if not I'll go play Sims 4.

End of diary entry.


I forgot to write an entry yesterday!

But don't worry I still remember what happened :)

So I guess this'll be like a double entry or smth?

Anyways so since it's the midterm break I spent all yesterday morning doing almost nothing :D Well I did make a nice house in the Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons (:

I really liked how it turned out :D You can check it on my profile! 9320-7584-0393

Then I pretty much worked on my site for the entire day, it was pretty relaxing to do! I think I'm starting to like writing html, although I still hate css.

Well I did watch a movie with my parents, it was called The Craft (1996)

It was a nice film to watch! Although at the end it got a bit chaotic and weird.

Then this morning I also created a cafe in Happy Home Paradise, I think it also turned out nicely (: You can find it on my profile too!

After doing that I played BlackJack on 51 Worldwide Games! One of the bots had -90 tokens and kept betting! But it didn't matter cause i still won :D

I also tried the brownie pop tarts, they taste pretty good!

Then on the computer I worked on the main page of the web portal, progress isn't too good if I were to be honest.

I then had mozzarella caprese with garlic bread which was REALLY good.

And as I am writing this I am playing creepy/haunted maps on gmod with my friend (:

End of diary entry.


So I totally didn't procrasinate on my business project and finished it all at once on Thursday...

Anyways this week was kinda meh to be honest.

The good news is that we didn't do gymnastics in P.E. ! The bad news is that we did football instead ):

Today we had a costume thing at my school. We weren't alowed to wear our own clothes but some classmates wore their own clothes and put a mask on, which is pretty smart.

Of course someone dressed up as Walter White (: I dressed up as a plague doctor.

Unfortunately I had some homework left to do because my stupid geography teacher gave us 12 pages of homework.

I tried making a stereogram but I couldn't find any software to generate one so that's a bit dissapointing

I'll probably play Sims or work on the main page of the web portal.

End of diary entry.


This week was so exhausting.

I had like 4 tests this week, 3 of them on Thursday and 1 on Friday.

THEN on Tuesday we had P.E. and we did gymnastics.... I hurt my knee on the vault jump and it hurt for the whole day /:

And I didn't get much rest at the weekend cause I had a Teakwon-do competition /:

Luckily I got time to make this vaporwave album cover! I'm not making an album but I felt like making something with vaporwave in mind.

It took like 6 hours but it was worth it.

My sims also got married in the sims and they have two children (:

Anyways hopefully next week will be less exhausting

End of diary entry.


Today I worked on my website which was relaxing to do.

After that I'm gonna play GMod with my friend and make boba with my mom.

And then I'm gonna watch a movie with my mom also :D

Tomorrow I'm gonna be busy all day so no diary entry but on Tuesday there'll probably be one!

Anyways, goodnight!

End of diary entry.