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Welcome To My Web Portal!

This website was made on a 1920x1080 monitor

Autoplay music is across this website!

What Is This Website?

This website is my own personal website, but it is also a collection of other websites!

Since neocities only allows one domain per free user, I decided to make an all-purpose domain name!

In the web portal section you can find all of my websites I have made under this domain.

Enough talk about the website purpose, let's talk about the purpose of this page!

So this page is like landing page, to tell you who I am, show where else you can find me on the web, and then send you off exploring all of my other websites!

Unfortunately this means that this page may be less interesting than other pages which have specific themes or purposes.

But hopefully you'll enjoy this page (:

Enjoy surfing through the web!



Added a map for the web portal! Its currently a work in progress but it should be fun and helpful way to navigate this huge website!


Added a morse code chat, here you can chat in morse code with other people from around the world!


Added a "Fun and Games" section.

Added a pet sim game where you take care of my cat, Grace!

Added a chat where you can chat with other viewers of this website!


Added a page for a game that I'm working on.


Added button links section


Added "My Games" Section

Added hit counter and guestbook to the homepage

Added Updates and News sections to the homepage

Fun and Games!

Chat With Other Viewers of This Website! (Remember to be nice!)

Take Care of My Cat, Grace!

Chat With People Around the World Through Morse Code! (Remember to be nice!)

Play Link-a-pix! A fun colour puzzle game!

Button Links!

My button link:

People who follow me:

click to visit cepheus

People who I follow:

click to visit cepheus

How to design a button link for my website

Must be around 88 x 31 pixels. The size can be changed but make sure to not make it too big, too small, or change the proportions completely.

You can have any designs, even animated ones! I'd love to have animated ones but if that's too much work for you then it's fine.

Here's a template if you're stuck on how to create one.

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